Mickey – Border Collie

Border Collie
Age:7 yrs
Location: Werrington, Stoke en Trent

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Foster update 22nd March: Mickey is an absolute little star! He’s loving, obedient, affectionate ,clever and really eager to please. I always say that when its just me and him I couldn’t ask for a better dog and it’s true! I’ve fostered a lot of dogs and I know I shouldn’t have favourites but secretly Mickey is one of them. He’s made such a lot of progress in the time he’s been here – they may seem like small steps to some but for Mickey they’ve been huge. He needs a quiet home where he can continue to gain confidence and realise that the world isn’t such a scary place. I know Mickey may not be the perfect dog (if that exists) but it’s not his fault – he’s been let down by people in the past and hasn’t had the best start in life. I will miss Mickey lots when he finally finds his new home but will be so happy that someone can see past his issues and see him for the great dog he is. All he asks for is a quiet home with quiet walks with lots of space so he feels safe and in return you’ll get a loving best friend.

Update 21st June:

Mickey is now in one of our wonderful foster homes, a much deserved move from kennels where he spent many months. He is definitely a house dog, he loves being with his human family and is perfectly behaved. His fosterer is going through a training programme to work on his worries i.e. he’s not keen on the car but he’s getting there, he’s also very distressed when walked on roads, everything worries him. We really can’t imagine what he’s been through in the past, he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. Mickey requires a pet free home. He would LOVE a house in a secluded and/or quiet area so he can be at peace and live happily ever after with just his family for company!

Mickey (arrived nameless) along with Molly also looking for a home were callously abandoned in a house by the owner. Molly is micro-chipped to the man’s mother, she was contacted and the inspector was told to “just get rid of them”. No, we will not just get rid of them, we will find them loving homes with decent people who will love and cherish them!

As can be seen by the video and photos Mickey’s coat was in a terrible state so we paid for a groomer to groom them both. Mickey has been neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated including kennel cough.

Mickey is absolutely gorgeous, a beautiful nature and so loving and eager to please. Mickey is very excitable and does not take well to some dogs, with some he desperately wants to say hello, he needs someone knowledgeable and experienced with Collies who have led a sheltered life. He knows basic commands, obviously very bright and he is quite good on the lead. He loves his treats and loves to be around people. A home without other pets and young children is ideal. His coat does need regular attention, he doesn’t mind being brushed and due to the kennel environment he has regular visits to the groomer for baths. He has the most beautiful face and will sit and stare up at you looking for love and reassurance.

We don’t have any information on Mickey’s background, what we’ve learnt is that he gets quite distressed out on the streets so a home in a quite rural location would be perfect for him! At the kennels he has fields to walk in and a paddock where he can be free, he would not suit being walked on roads-it would take a lot of time, work and patience to de-sensitise him. He is absolutely wonderful in the home and a joy to walk where he’s happiest.

RSPCA Log Number:2278/14/10

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.