Minnie and Mickey – Cats


Mickey: Ginger & White DSH approx. 2yrs old Male
Minnie: Black & White DSH approx. 5-12 months old Female
Arrived 1st October
Fostered in Congleton

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Foster update 19th Oct:

Minnie is the reason my housework doesn’t get done, I’m so busy playing with her, laughing at her and generally watching her antics that I lose track of time.  She’s so entertaining its a joy to have her in the house.  Right from the beginning she was as brave as a lion for such a small cat, as soon as we brought her home she was investigating her new surroundings and running around like a mad all night.  We called her Minnie because she is a small cat but we could have called her whizz-bang or rocket because she goes off like one when we throw a ball.
Mickey is a little older so was a bit quieter when we got him home, he took his time having a look around before settling in.  Poor Mickey hardly gets any peace with Minnie around but he does like to play chase with her and likes to run around after a piece of string or a small ball.  He also likes a fuss and will curl up for a cuddle on your lap, he has a lovely loud purr which let’s you know how happy he is.


These two stunning cats were abandoned by their owner, they moved out and left the cats outside to fend for themselves. Thankfully kind neighbours were feeding them and contacted the RSPCA.

They are both friendly although Mickey seems a little bit on the shy side, they’ve only just arrived so watch this space for news! It would be wonderful to rehome them together but we would tentatively consider rehoming them separately. Mickey is already neutered, Minnie has been neutered and both have been micro-chipped and started vaccinations.

Log no. 848 26/09/14

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