Molly – Cat

Grey Tabby and White DSH
9 years and 10 months old
Arrived 10th June
Private boarding cattery, Rode Heath

Poor ole Molly, she was originally adopted 7 months ago from another rescue (they couldn’t take her back) after being handed in due to the child having asthma. She was then adopted out to a family who has a dog, she has never lived with a dog and has been absolutely petrified this entire time. Hiding upstairs and confined through her own choice, the stress causing tioletting issues, this was no life for her, the rescue told the adopter she’d get used to the dog, but she never did, her owner considered euthanasia, no doubt out of desperation, thankfully she contacted our branch and we had a space. Suffice to say, she is looking for a pet free home. She’s a very affectionate cat who likes chasing fluffy toys and using her scratching post. She is desperate to see the outside world again and would love to find a new family to call her own! 

If you’d be interested in giving Molly a loving home, please contact our Cat Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 01625 669620

Log no.  PC198