Ollie – Happy Ending

Ollie came into our care due to the fact that the alcoholic owner was arrested and the daughter contacted us for help, the pups were left with no food or water.

Heres an update from his new owner:

He is growing every single day! He is going to be quite a big boy, but he seems to be all legs at the moment. He is so well behaved and is now toilet trained. He loves going out for walks but he loves nothing more than snuggling with his new mummy (see attached photo). I cannot get a decent picture of him as he never seems to sit still. I can only get a good photo when he is snuggling with Lola. But Lola has taken on the role of mummy well and the two are inseparable. He never leaves her side when they go on walks. He is such a happy, friendly, confident little boy. All in all, he is a fantastic addition to our little family and he has settled very well.

Ollie Before:

ollie_021214 (4)

Ollie after!



log PD173 30/11/14