Oscar – American Bull Dog

American Bull Dog
5 years
Arrived 13th March
Fostered in Buxton.

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Foster update 28th March:

It’s taken him about a week and a half to realise life isn’t so bad. Comfy couch, log fire, 2 squares meals a day, bones and snacks and walks twice a day. Initially he was excited about the prospect of going for a walk, but as soon as he left the side gate he would stop and on many occasion we ventured no further. If the car was there, he wanted to get in which he was happy to do and then be driven to the park for his walk. Fortunately we discovered the only way to move this mountain was to tempt him with cheese. So laying a trail in reverse walking off the estate was no longer taking more than 30 minutes! All good now, he is happy to walk, he still digs in now and again, but nothing a little cheese treat cannot overcome. He is excellent in the home, often lingering like a speed bump in the middle of the kitchen if I am in there cooking but will leave when there is no offering of a tidbit. I’ve had him on a training leash in the field and I don’t know what is more frightening. A 38 kg dog running away from me with the length of a 50ft quickly diminishing with only me on the end or the same dog running towards me taking a leap at me! He is friendly with all dogs no matter what size. Despite little yappers leaning on his nose sticking their snouts into his eyes for a sniff, or grumbling bigger dogs, he has never once uttered a sound. The first time we heard him bark was when he gave himself a fright, leapt of the couch, barking and ran into the kitchen to stand behind us! Needless to say he is not a guard dog. Just a big lump of mushiness with his most dangerous move being when he shake his head when there is a long line of drool hanging out his mouth. It’s knowing when to duck not to be hit by saliva! He has discovered how to open the side garden gate. He puts his front paw on the crossbar and ‘bounces’ the gate making the latch jump. We followed him, as he ambled out without a care, into our neighbour’s garden to visit the guinea pigs. Not sure what he was thinking, he just stood there watching them.

How AWESOME is OSCAR! Oscar came into RSPCA Wirral care in December, he had extremely sore ears, the owner never got him veterinary care. He had them flushed and was given medication and ear drops, in the main his ears have been ok but this is likely to be a recurring problem but nothing a vet visit and some drops will fix! He is neutered, micro-chipped and fully vaccinated. He has come into our care as Wirral do not rehome dogs but have tried to rehome Oscar, they deal with prosecution cases only.

A few words from the Manager at Wirral: “Oscar is a real sweetheart and spends most of his time in the office where he is quite happy to just lie down. He has a super temperament. He’s fine with other dogs but doesn’t like cats. He just has such a sad face and is really miserable in his kennel so I feel a foster home would be much better for him while he is looking for a permanent home.”

Oscar is fine with other dogs, he is a wimp if they are horrible to him! He has lived with a Golden Retriever. He is house trained, good in the car, strong on the lead but can walk nicely. Oscar is not typical of this breed, we know him to be very calm and loving, and will quite happily lie down relaxed if he’s happy. He’s not very toy orientated but can be bribed quite easily with food/treats. He does like company and underneath he’s quite a timid boy. A fantastic dog and a credit to the breed!

Log No. PD174 13/03/15
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