Peter – Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig (Neutered)
Age approx 5 months (as of Dec)
Arrived October 2014
Fostered in Congleton

peter-080215 (2) peter-080215 (1)

Peter came in with another Guinea Pig due to concerns over their welfare, they were kept in a tiny cage with no bedding and a very poor diet, they were both fighting (un-neutered – and some neutered – males will fight with each other, best to pair opposite neutered sexes unless they are brothers) with one having sustained wounds, they were being given away so one of our fosterer’s got involved and brought them to safety.

Peter has been fostered indoors for the last couple of months, he’s very lively and energetic, runs around a lot, likes to climb on top of tunnels etc. Prefers to sleep on top of his house! Loves his food and squeaks very loudly at the arrival of his vegetables. He’s becoming more tame but will need more work to help him calm down. He will be looking for a home with a female to bond with as they do need company of their own species.

RSPCA Log No PG10 10/14

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