Peter – Kitten

Tabby DSH
12 weeks approx.
Arrived 8th July
Fostered in Buxton

peter-250716 (1) peter-250716 (5) peter-250716 (4) peter-250716 (3) peter-250716 (2)

18th July update: Peter has been moved to a back up boarding facility in Overdale temporarily.


Dare we say ‘pretty’ Peter? He is so gorgeous. Typical of a boy kitten he is full of it! Full of beans, full of mischief and very nosey! So anyone wanting to adopt this boy will need to be prepared for lots of action! Saying that he does have his sleepy and chilled out moments loving nothing better than a human lap. He is fostered with a dog, cat and another of one our foster kittens. We cannot believe this beautiful cat was a stray, brought in by the Inspectors. He has been health checked, chipped, neutered and started vaccinations. FIV/FELV test of course negative. He would suit most kind of homes but due to being so young does need company.


RSPCA Log 2563 1/7/16

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.