Polly – Cat



Semi long haired
Approx 4 months
Arrived 2nd Feb 2016
Fostered Macclesfield
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Update from the rehoming coordinater June : Polly has only met me twice and the new pics prove just how far she has come from being a feral kitten to a not so feral! She sits, lays and relaxes just a couple of feet away from me and will sniff and gently paw my hand. Gently talking to her and mimicking cat eye blinking communication works a treat! Her foster mum and Tigg the cat have done a great job with her. Still a ways to go but if she’s rehomed with another friendly cat she will continue to blossom!

Foster update April: Polly has been in a foster home since the end of February, she was fostered with two other cats one being another fostered cat has since adopted. Polly settled OK without Cuba (adopted). She is now taking her confidence from Tigg. She head rubs him all the time and when he eats, she tries to get under his chin to eat. This morning he was on the bed, Tigg was having a head and tummy rub. She came to head rub Tigg, purring like mad, and she didn’t notice I was scratching her head/neck. She jumped away when she noticed and hissed but then came back seconds later and the same thing happened. She does come near me, next to me, and will reach out to take pate/yoghurt off my fingers. She will pat my out stretched hand sometimes with claws out, in the way of testing if the hand is a threat. But she is a real sweetie and she rolls over near me when she’s playing. Its just a confidence thing with Polly. I do think she needs another cat within the home to bring her on.

Polly came in to our care via our Trap, Neuter, Release scheme (whereby we humanely trap feral cats to neuter in order to stop the cycle of feral population from breeding). Polly we felt was young enough to be domesticated to a point and rehomed, so she is classed as a feral. She will be going in to a foster home soon with other cats to help with her rehabilitation. In the meantime we would rehome her to an experienced semi/feral cat owner where can live an outdoor life with constant access to warmth and shelter and who will ensure she is provided with mandatory veterinary care as with domestic cats. Otherwise once domesticated she can live in a house with constant access to the outdoors and also access to shelter outside. Our branch alongside an Inspector trapped and neutered over 20 feral cats from a farm colony and rescued/relocated 12 to good feral homes. A successful day indeed!


RSPCA Log PC80 2/2/16

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