Poppy – Cross Breed

Cross breed
4 years 8 months old
Arrived 6th December
Private boarding kennels Macclesfield

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Poppy is a very sweet natured and endearing dog who will make somebody the perfect companion. She is a very intelligent dog and is always keen to learn new things. Poppy understands sit, down, wait, if you raise both hand together and ask ‘high ten’ she will beg, she understands ‘poppy come’ and will play fetch. She also knows the word biscuit means treat. She also knows ‘watch me’ with a treat in your hand which is great for walking past other dogs as she will ignore them. She is actually very good around other dogs, she seems happy to have a look and walk on. A cat free home would be ideal.

Poppy is a very happy girl and just wants to please you and have you in her company. She loves to play fetch with tennis balls then a cuddle on the sofa.

Poppy is already neutered and micro chipped and has been vaccinated. Poppy came into RSPCA via the police after they removed Poppy from her previous owner. Owner accused of mistreating Poppy by a neighbour (beating and not feeding properly)She had a previous burn injury and an injury to one of her legs. She is fully healed, the scarring is not at all uncomfortable for Poppy, she has Bepanthen cream put on her bare skin a couple of times a day. She must always wear a high factor sun cream on sunny days. Since July she has been cared for by the RSPCA staff at Warrington Animal Centre which only deals with ‘case’ animals, she is now signed over for rehoming so has been to transferred to ourselves in order to find Poppy her final and forever home! So after five months in kennels she is rather looking forward to getting into a safe, cosy, fun filled loving home.


Log No. 641 17/7/16
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