Rebel – Cat

Rebel was part of a cruelty case- multi cat household back in May: 20 cats being kept in a small flat in poor conditions. All cats were underweight, riddled with fleas and some had conjunctivitis/signs of flu. Rebel was one of the healthiest with no flu symptoms.
Here’s Rebel in her new home!
I thought I’d send you a few pictures to show how Rebel is getting on. Helping to wrap a parcel, unwrapping her Christmas present, and having a rest in front of the stove. She also likes to watch the fish in the aquarium, fight with newspaper and assist me with my shoelaces.
She has ventured just outside the back door a little bit, but has been put off slightly by a meeting with next door’s cat. I think she’ll come out more when I start going out to work in the garden, because she has to check what I’ve done.
rebel-he (1) rebel-he (3) rebel-he (2)

RSPCA Log 3667