Rehoming Your Cat

Do not rehome your cats to anyone you don’t know as many land up in bad homes and there are awful groups who acquire cats for live bait for dog fighting and abuse. Do not advertise your cat on the internet or in shop windows especially for free. There is a high chance the cat can be used for abuse.

If you are rehoming your cat due to behavioural issues please seek help from your vet and/or behaviourist before passing on a problem to someone else, most problems can be resolved. For example the RSPCA and other organisations have information on toileting issues among other things.
Have you thought of speaking to your local vets as they may know someone looking for a cat like this?
If from another rescue you must contact them and have them take the cat back. You can also contact the breeder as a good breeder will have the cat back.

If your cat is not neutered we recommend you get this done as they breed constantly and there are millions of unwanted kittens and cats in England’s rescues alone and on the streets. Also if your cat is being aggressive or toileting in places it shouldn’t this could be down to a medical problem or stress related problem and will need to be looked at by a vet just in case they are in pain. Also ensure your cat has a clean litter tray available at all times whether you want it or not. Also neutering could prevent your cats from straying and going missing.

Unfortunately we can no longer accept animals from members of the public due to lack of funds and space (we do not have an animal centre) and our priority are animals that come in from the inspectors, the cruelty cases and abandonments, therefore please try all the following rescues:


DOVEHOLES 01298 816200
WINDYWAYS 01625 422246
ASHBOURNE AW 01335 300825
Cat Protection League 03000 121212
CPL MACC 0345 603 8138
CREAM 01625 431750
Animal Sanctuary Wilmslow 01625 520802