Rip – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
10 years old
Arrived 14th March
Private boarding Kennels, Macclesfield

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Rip we here you say? Yes Rip! We thought about changing his name but it’s his name, it probably has a lot to do with the fact he probably destroyed things he shouldn’t as a puppy-humour us! Anyway, it’s not in the name it’s in the personality and this little fella has plenty of it! He is a small old man who wants nothing more than to have his own comfy chair or sofa to retire on, he is pretty chilled out but saying that he enjoys nice walks and socialising; he’s very good with other dogs and it goes without saying people! He absolutely loves treats and especially pigs ears!! Unfortunately his owner was made homeless, Rip was passed to a friend who only fed him sporadically, he also needed a hernia repairing but this wasn’t done, hence RSPCA involvement. Rip’s previous owner could not take him on the streets so the Inspector took him in for a couple of weeks as there was nowhere for him to go, however one of her dogs did not like Rip so they asked if we could take him in, luckily we had a space. He has been microchipped, neutered, hernia repaired and he is currently on antibiotics. He is also now fully vaccinated. Rip is with us to FINALLY find his forever retirement home.


Log No. 1811 23/1/17
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