Rodney – Medium cross breed

Rodney ** REHOMED **
Medium cross breed
4-5 months old
Arrived 18th September
Private boarding kennels Cheshire

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Rodney is all legs and silliness! So if you’re looking for a big daft dog with potential Rodney is for you. He has lived with cats and another dog. He can have a wary side but overall is just a typical boisterous baby and really does like everyone. He has come into RSPCA care due to the owner failing to comply with the cleaning up of the flat which was in a terrible state. She signed two cats over initially but still failed to clean up, all the remaining animals have now been removed. Rodney has been neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated. He responds well to training when he is given treats-reward based training really works with Rodney as he has a habit of doing the puppy grabbing and being silly on the lead as soon as you give the sit command he responds immediately-he’s not stupid, he knows how to work you! So he does need further lead training. He has a small indentation on his skull but causes him no problems at all, we think it’s from a previous trauma. Due to his age and training requirements he will need someone around a lot. Rodney is a lovely friendly dog who just wants affection.

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Log no. 1132/10/06/17