Romeo and Leo – Shitzu cross Pugs

Romeo (Curly haired) & Leo (Wispy haired)
Approx 1 and 2 years old.
Shitzu cross Pugs
Arrived 5th October
Private boarding kennels Cheshire


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Two little love bugs await their forever home! This pair are sure to woo anyone off their feet! What little beauties, they have the cutest little faces that just make you melt, but not only that their personalities are just wonderful. They are very close indeed and need to be rehomed together, they are like two peas on a pod, they love each other and Leo especially relies a lot on Romeo. They are very sociable with other dogs, Leo can be a little hesitant at first with new dogs but soon relaxes. They are busy little bees-love their walks and to run about and play, watch they don’t get under your feet though!

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It’s clear to us that the owner must have been struggling with life as Social services would not allow her to keep the dogs in order to get her children back. There was a very elderly dog that the owner had been meaning to have put to sleep but didn’t get round to it so she let the Inspector take it to the vets, 15 years with the owner and having to leave this earth with a stranger must have been harrowing.
Romeo and Leo have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped-one was chipped but not registered. They will probably need some grooming from time to time especially Romeo. We have had to have x-rays done as they both have congenital/breed Patella luxation of the back legs. No operations are necessary but we feel that those who are used to small breeds such as these will understand how they work mechanically, it’s very common in these kinds of mixed/pure breeds and the dogs do not appear to be in discomfort, they’ve had several examinations too, they must maintain a healthy weight (not get over weight) to remain healthy and fit. More information can be provided by our vet. We obviously hope this does not put anyone off as they are cracking little dogs; beautiful inside and out.


RSPCA  log 635 1/10/16

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.