Ronnie – Cat


Age 1 – 3 years
Arrived 10th September
Location: Congleton

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Foster updates 30th November: Ronnie still runs away from people BUT will come back of her own accord now!Foster update 16 November: We have had Ronnie now for just over two weeks but she is still not very happy. Ronnie gets on well with my cat when they meet but Ronnie spends most of her time hiding under the furniture watching the world go by. Ronnie with patience (or food!!!) will come out and say hello and then she will purr and rub on you, but will then hide herself away, always fearing the worst will happen to her. She is making slow progress and she will become confident again I am sure but it is such a shame to see her this way in the meantime. Poor Ronnie would suit a quieter home with maybe another friendly cat, to encourage her out of her shell and to show her that humans are really quite nice. Food is definitely the way to Ronnie’s heart along with a face rub and a tickle under the chin.

Update 31st October: Ronnie is now in a foster home in Congleton where we hope she’ll enjoy her home comforts and the company of the resident cat!


Poor Ronnie has gone through so much, she and her companion/brother Reggie were abandoned outside when their owner moved out of the home. They were brought in via the Inspectors but tragically Reggie got spooked by a loud car outside the vets and escaped, he hasn’t been seen since, so very upsetting. So now Ronnie has found herself all alone. She does have a very timid side but we’re not sure if that’s because she’s without her companion or because she’s in a new environment. She has been neutered, micro chipped and started vaccinations.


RSPCA Log 725 15/8/15

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