Sassy – Staffy x Collie

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Sass is quite an unusual mix of breeds, being part Staffy and part Collie, a combination which is not too commonly found – though, admittedly, she is more of the former than the latter! Combining two such well-loved breeds means that this wonderful girl features many marvellous traits that have enriched the lives of so many dog-owners over the years. She is remarkably loving and willing to please, very sharp of mind, and with a special fondness for having her belly rubbed. Furthermore, she walks very nicely on a lead, which makes it an absolute pleasure to walk her and work off some of that irrepressible Collie energy that she possesses.Anyone who has ever known or owned Collies knows that a confined, kennel-type existence is very difficult for them to cope with, due to their heightened levels of intelligence and energy. Thankfully, Sassy has coped rather well so far but we are well aware that she – much like all of our animals, really – is desperately in need of an environment where she can stretch her legs and get the love and attention that the Staffy in her is craving.
This beautiful, sassy lady would be ideally suited to a home in which she is the only pet as she can be quite intolerant of other animals, pooches especially, but would be ideal for a home with children aged 7/8+ reflecting her lovely, sociable nature. She really is a gorgeous dog who will make a wonderful family pet if given the opportunity.


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