Shadow and Chaos – Staffy Cross

Arrived 25th July
Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre
Staffy x | Males – neutered | 6 years old |

shadowchaos-150817 (1) shadowchaos-150817 (3) shadowchaos-150817 (2)

Happiness Comes in Twos…

Every appeal we do is important, trying to find the perfect home for each and every one of our animals. This appeal is doubly so…

Brothers Chaos & Shadow arrived at Greater Manchester animal hospital out of the blue with their own in tears, he has tried for two years to look after his boys since being involved in a car accident resulting in permanent injuries, having to walk on crutches, he came to the RSPCA for help as he couldn’t even feed his dogs properly due to not being very mobile, therefore they were underweight, he was turned down by another dog rescue charity because they said the dogs were too attached to him, what dogs aren’t? They are family after all. They are in separate kennels due to the fact there is no large kennel available to accommodate them, they are walked together and play together as we refuse to keep them apart.

Life for some isn’t the easiest. And it is during life’s toughest moments that you come to lean heavily upon those whom you love the most. Chaos and Shadow have been through much, but they have always had each other. Our most heartfelt wish now is for them to enjoy their future happiness with a wonderful new family together. This is why we are looking to you guys, all of you, to help them. Whether it is yourselves, or someone you know, who might be interested in adopting two affectionate, handsome, well mannered dogs – please get in touch with us. Please read our appeal. Please give a thought for these two absolute sweethearts. We appreciate that it is a big ask but Chaos and Shadow are definitely worth it.

Let it be said, first of all, that they have been grossly misnamed. Shadow (the darker of the two) and Chaos are very friendly, bright-eyed fellows – though Shadow can be a bit shy with people he doesn’t yet know – with an especial love for quiet, green places where they can explore – tails a-wagging, tongues a-lolling. Given half-a-chance Chaos will happily jump onto your lap for kisses and, a few seconds later, Shadow will undoubtedly follow suit – making sure that he is not missing out! They will make the happiest new additions to a household, and any prospective owner will be just as happy to have them. Furthermore, they get on well with other dogs and would love to get the chance to make some new, four-legged friends out there in the big, wide world.

We really cannot ask enough, please help these two find a forever home together. Throughout all of the upheavals that life has thrown at them, there has only been one consistent factor, one thing they could rely wholly upon: each other. What they need now is a home and an owner who they can love and rely on too!

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and please contact RSPCA Chesterfield & North Derbyshire on 01246 273358

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