Susie, Rosy, Lilly and Silvie – Rats

Susie Rosy Lilly Silvie (Lilly and Silvie now REHOMED)
2-3 months
Fancy Rats
Arrived 20th April
Fostered in Peakdale, Buxton

Susie Rosy Lilly Silvie -150517 (7) Susie Rosy Lilly Silvie -150517 (6) Susie Rosy Lilly Silvie -150517 (5) Susie Rosy Lilly Silvie -150517 (4) Susie Rosy Lilly Silvie -150517 (3) Susie Rosy Lilly Silvie -150517 (2) Susie Rosy Lilly Silvie -150517 (1) SusieRosy

These little beauties came in (with Molly & Polly also available for adoption) via an Inspector after she had to rescue 100 rats from just one house, they would just be let out of the cages to roam and of course breed. It has taken 9 months of work for the Inspector to reduce numbers and find spaces for all of them all the while the owner still allowed breeding. We are hoping they can be rehomed as a group. Otherwise they can go in pairs and we will advise which two pairs based on their relationships. Information from their fosterer:

I’d say Susie and Rosy (the two dominant ones) and Lilly and Silvie (the two submissive ones). They make up a nice group- there’s a fair bit of play fighting (Susie never gets involved) but they all snuggle up together afterwards. Susie: Brown and white, slight brown splodge on left shoulder. She’s definitely in charge. She’s a very confident girl and the group follow her. She’s the one that’s first there to say hello to you. She’s very inquisitive and loves exploring outside the cage. Rosy: brown and white. Slimmest. Rosy is second in command. She’s a beautiful slender girl. She will follow Susie out of the cage for playtime and loves climbing on things. She also loves a play fight. Lilly: Brown and white. Largest. Lilly is a gentle girl. The way to her heart is with food. She’s submissive within the group but holds her own during play fights. After a nibble on a monkey nut she likes to snuggle up with Silvie. Silvie: silver and white. Silvie is the most nervous in the group. She’s a beautiful rat but takes time to trust. She likes to snuggle up with Lilly and likes the security of the cage.

They will require a sizeable cage with very narrow spaced bars so they cannot escape. Minimum size accommodation For a group: W96 x D63 x H159cm For pairs: is H70 x D48 x W78cm, however, the bigger the better so they can climb and explore-we can give advice/pics. The flooring/shelving that they walk on must be solid (i.e. not mesh) and there must be plenty of enrichment in their cage, e.g. hammocks, climbing ropes/ladders, houses/huts and opportunities to forage for food, also plenty of time in the evenings out of their cage being handled. If you would like to adopt this pair we will provide further information to you on how the adoption process works. We are looking for people who have owned rats before as they do need experienced adopters due to their lack of handling, they will need a patient owner who can teach them to become trusting.

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RSPCA log no. 1704 30/08/16

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.