Tiesha – Staffy cross

Age: 4 1/2 years
Location: Fostered Buxton

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Foster update 1st October:

Well nearly 2 weeks with Tiesha and she is the perfect low maintenance hound. She is well behaved, clean in the home, non destructive, not possessive with anything, intelligent and an absolute pleasure to foster. She knows basic commands. She walks well on the leash with a harness and only pulls a little when she picks up her pace when she knows we are heading home. Not frightened when walking near busy roads. Off leash, she will walk next to me, unless of course she knows I’m holding a ball. All common sense is out the door when a ball is involved. She can amuse herself endlessly by putting the ball on a hill and it rolls down on its own! In the evenings when I have settled on the couch to watch my favourite programme, she will bring her tug rope and put it on my lap, waiting for me to play. She will keep doing it until I humour her. A few strenuous tugs and she has had enough. She barks when she hears a door knock on the telly, but cannot be bothered when someone is really knocking on the front door! She can be boisterous, but only if you let her. As long as she knows who is in charge she will be no problem whatsoever. She is very friendly with all people, and friendly enough with other dogs on leashes. She is a little wary and submissive when off leash and other dogs approach to play. She has grumbled a little when other dogs want her ball, but only to warn them off. She is NOT aggressive or confrontational. Just playful and easy going.


Update 21st Sept: Tiesha is now in our care in a foster home, a much deserved change from kennels!

The beautiful Tiesha has been with the RSPCA since Dec 2013. She came via an Inspector as a cruelty case, a thin nervous dog & has blossomed into a happy, outgoing dog. She was transferred from East Lancs branch to Chesterfield Animal Centre in the hope she’ll get some interest and our branch are paying her boarding fees. This peppy pooch loves the great outdoors, where she has the freedom to run and play to her heart’s content. Our porky princess’ favourite thing to play with, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a squeaky chicken leg and upon sighting it she will roll around like a little pup.

Tiesha loves people and has bundles of energy. She would be best suited with a family who have a sizeable garden upon which she can frolic around in and have the time of her life.

Tiesha can be re-homed with children over 7 years, she would not be suitable to live with cats. Tiesha has lived with a dog in her previous home and does mix with dogs at the animal centre. However she doesn’t get on with all dogs, so it would depend on how introductions and mixing went with any dog she was potentially going to live with. Who can resist the lovable Tiesha?

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.