Timmy – Rabbit

Age: Adult
Arrived July 2014
Location: Fostered, Congleton

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Update 5th January: Timmy is still here but he went into a foster home in September, he has come on leaps and bounds, he is a very friendly boy, he would benefit from either being an indoor bunny as he is now, so he can get lots of one on one attention, he could also be an outdoor bun, if the latter then it must be with a female friend. He has a cheeky side where he will grunt and jump at you but he’s not aggressive at all! Perhaps a bit standoffish to start with but he soon learns to trust you. He’s not a huge fan of hay although he’s to have this at all times, he loves his Excel pellets and greens. His teeth are nice and white, he does have minor teeth spurs but no dramatic dental issues. So why is he still with us? He’s such a handsome boy!


Timmy came into our care after eleven rabbits were removed by the Inspectorate from a property. They had been kept in awful conditions and are just discovering life as it is meant to be – they are loving it. Amazingly, they are fairly unscathed by their previous mistreatment and are loving, trusting bunnies. Timmy is a typical dutch, a cheeky boy! He has confidence by the bucketful and is into everything. Certainly living up to the dutchie reputation, he will create havoc and laughter wherever he goes! You cant help but love the naughty ones. Timmy discovered grass for the first time the other day and was so overexcited, he threw himself on the ground in sheer bliss.
Such an incredible moment. He has had a hard life, and it’s time for some happiness and love now. He will be looking for a home with a spayed female for company. Either one in the home already, or one of our lovely girls. We offer a bonding service. Artie will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and his teeth will be assessed under anesthetic prior to rehoming.

RSPCA log no. 607 30.6.14

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.