Topsy – Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig
2 years old
Arrived 15th January
Fostered in Congleton

Topsy has been very well cared for but sadly she lost her mate and her owners can’t have any more so asked if we could take Topsy in, we all know piggies must not live on their own, so she’s looking for a home with a female or a neutered male or even a group. She has always been an indoor piggy, with daily (not overnight) access to a large run in Summer. She has been health checked by one of our vets. A few words from her fosterer:

She’s a lovely little guinea pig; very tame, friendly and inquisitive. She comes to the bars whenever I enter the room and squeaks for food. She also appears to enjoy being handled and squeaks gently when tickled under her chin! I think she would benefit from continuing being an indoor guinea pig with both human and guinea pig company. George and Cilla (my two piggies) have been touching noses through the bars which she seems to like. Housing requirements and ideas for indoors and out:

RSPCA log no. PG14 15/1/18

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.