Vinnie – white Lab type

Vinnie D2015106


At 7-years-old, Vin is at that point in life where he should be secure in the knowledge that he has a family who loves him and a home in which to lay his proverbial hat – regrettably this is not the case. This Lab-X instead finds himself confined to kennels and has been for a fair while now. With so many dogs to compete with for the affection of potential new owners, this is made even harder for Vinnie as he suffers from deafness. A problem that he has presumably had since birth and so has been forced to acclimatise to over the subsequent years.
It is massively saddening that Vinnie must suffer due to a mere genetic defect, but it has not dampened his enthusiasm for life and for finding that home which he is fated to discover. He will need an owner who understands and is sympathetic to his ‘problem’, and someone who is capable of handling a large dog such as himself without a reliance on verbal commands. Instead you can make use of his love of treats and fuss to ensure his cooperation :). Anyone who has owned Labrador-type dogs will know the way to their
heart…and it is generally via the belly!
We are aware that taking on a dog such as Vinnie is quite the commitment, we’re not promising a necessarily ‘easy-ride’ in the early days, but one thing we can guarantee you is that Vinnie will be entirely worth the effort. He simply needs a greater opportunity to allow his wonderful character to shine through, where he can do the things he most enjoys in life, namely; playing with his friends, enjoying a nice, long walk or getting some
cuddles. Vin is a delight and a pleasure, and he needs someone truly special
to give him a place to call home.


If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.