Winnie – Cat


2 yrs approx
Arrived 7th Oct 2015
Vets in Buxton

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Back in October the vets rang about this beautiful feline who was was dumped on their doorstep, someone was seen running away but nothing could be done. Vets were concerned because she had constant diarrhoea and wasn’t sure if she could be rehomed but the rehoming coordinator suggested a faecal sample test for Giardia/Campylobacter (common causes of diarrhoea in cats) and sure enough it came back positive for Giardia. It took many treatments, tests and money to get rid of this, four months in fact but it’s worth it! She is now free of Giardia, healthy, pretty normal stools and is now READY and WAITING for a new LOVING home. Four months at the vets and we think she could do with some home comforts! Winnie is such a nice cat; really friendly and head butts your and if you hold it out, she has always been loving and affectionate and the staff at the vets adore her. She is currently on Hills Science ID and it would be ideal for her to remain on this long term (can eventually be weaned off on to normal food) considering what she’s been through. She has been micro chipped, vaccinated, she’s had a dental including extractions and is already neutered. Winnie is looking for a pet free home. She will make an amazing pet!

RSPCA Log PC154 07/10/15

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.