Adopt An Animal

None of the animals this branch takes under its wing want to be kept from a loving home for any longer than necessary – as we have no RSPCA kennels or other facilities within the branch area, we must purchase space for animals in various commercial facilities across the branch area when needed, or place them with a volunteer fosterer.

To visit an animal in order to make your mind up on possible adoption: ring 01625 669620 or email

This branch does not put animals to sleep unless such action is strongly recommended by a veterinary surgeon on medical grounds. All adult animals leaving our care will have been vaccinated,microchipped and neutered. Neutering vouchers are provided for kittens and puppies. A ‘home visit’ by one of our volunteer home checkers is always undertaken to ensure that a good match is made between the animal and the potential adopter.

Adoption fees :

Dogs –
  • £140 Cross breed and some pure breed adult dogs over 1 year
  • £200 Cross breed puppies under 1 year 
  • from £200 Pure breed adults and puppies
Cats –
  • £70 per cat 
  • £80 per kitten
  • £100 plus per pure breed cat/kitten
Small furries –
  • £45 per Rabbit
  • £80 per pair of rabbits
  • £15 per Gunea Pig
  • £10 per rat or hamster

The adoption fee is generally not normally refundable. This includes vaccination, microchipping, neutering, worming and flea treatment and is payable to the branch upon mutual agreement to adopt. Other animal types are subject to figures to be discussed.

Veterans and Animals with Special Needs

We have an older animal rehoming scheme, where adoption fees are by mutual  agreement, to take special account of the rehoming criteria of such animals and to recognise their special needs. Any veterinary treatment costs for any existing condition or ailment that an animal may have are also subject to discussion with us.

The Small Print

Please see our Terms and conditions of adoption

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