Belfast – Kitten

DOB: 21.4.15
Arrived 16th July
Fostered in Pott Shrigley
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October update: Unfortunately Belfast’s rehoming has to be put on hold, despite successfully treating and clearing Giardia and Campylobacter (which is quite common in cats) his stools are still runny, we have run all tests possible to cover all diseases and all have come back negative which is a relief so the vets feel it is a dietary issue so we are seeing how he fares on a special diet. We will update this page when we have a diagnosis and he can be rehomed.


Belfast has had a very interest journey so far in his young life, he was born of a feral mother in a Belfast sink (hence his name!) in the deepest, darkest Cheshire; the mother has since been trapped, neutered and returned to site where the local residents will keep an eye on her. Belfast was never feral so we kept him to rehome, he did become quite poorly but with veterinary tests and treatments he has now been signed off by the vet! He has been neutered, micro chipped and started vaccinations.
He is fostered in an unusual set up because there is nowhere else for him to go so he’s in the temporary housing for ferals being cared for by Mike and Irene who deal with the TrapNeuterRelease scheme. A few words about Belfast: Quite vocal and very affectionate – quite happy to cuddle. Loves chasing string and flies. Not particularly bold but is very inquisitive. (probably not one for small children). Not bothered about Mirk (dog) or other wildlife (cats, chickens, geese). Happy disposition! Ready to start a new chapter in his life!

RSPCA Log PC151 16/7/15

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