Benson – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

9 years old
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Location Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre
Arrived 17th June 2016



Adorable Benson sees a friend in everyone and has the happiest, sunniest personality. His goal in life is to receive as much fuss as possible. Benson is looking for a quiet retirement home where any children are over 5 years. He will be happy to live with a calm dog but no cats please. Benson is simply a delightful, sociable chap.

Age and Innocence…

Benson has a real love of people, but as any dog owner knows, each and every animal is unique, and we hope to highlight what it is that makes Benson so special and what will make him not just a good friend, but the greatest friend for his new owner.

Benson, in spite of life perhaps not turning out as he anticipated, gives the impression of being a dog who is endlessly optimistic, the type of fellow who would find the shining star amidst the darkness and who will make the absolute best out of a difficult situation. We, as humans, are endlessly prone to overcomplicating matters, through our wariness and cynicism, but how greater and more joyous life could be if we all saw life as Benson does – in all its simplicity and wonderment? He is one of those characters who sees a friend in everyone and is trusting of all. Naivety? Perhaps. But his innocence is a wonderful trait, which we could all do well to learn from.

It is this amazingly sociable temperament that makes Benson such a delight, as soon as he meets old friends or complete strangers his attitude is much the same – unadulterated happiness! His goal in life is to receive fuss and he will take any opportunity to achieve it. It is no wonder that he is such a favourite with our staff.

At nine-years-old, Benson is one of older animals, which makes it imperative that we find a great home for him as soon as we can. There has to be someone who is just itching to find a dog with Benson’s characteristics, if you know them then please get them to give us a call. It’d be much appreciated.

Kevin (fosterer who had him for two weeks for assessment purposes) found that he could only cope with very short walks (no more than 10 minutes), anything more than that and he would struggle with his back legs. He could often be a little stiff on his back legs first thing in a morning, but in general terms he was very happy and able to walk and potter around Kevin’s home. Benson’s history:

Benson was a dog brought to us by the staff of the RSPCA Legacy department-owner went into hospital long term, daughter took dog in but couldn’t keep-her daughter highly allergic. Just as we were about to contact the owner to make arrangements she gave the dog to the dog warden. We managed to trace his location via quite a few phone calls! The pound were very happy for us to take him into our care.


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If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.