Betty – Cat

2-4 yrs approx
Tabby DSH
Arrived 13th March
Private boarding Rode Heath
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Update 17th August: Betty was adopted in June but unfortunately she has not been getting on with the resident cat and the hard decision was made to bring her back so she can find new home and owner who she can have all to herself!


Things Betty likes:-
* Cat sticks (make sure these are open before showing her the packet, you have been warned!)
* Access to the outside she loves to roam around, sit in bushes and generally enjoys cat related activities.
* Climbing – don’t be surprised to find her up a tree, on a garage roof – she is a very able climber.
* Lying on you for head rubs / cheek rubs.
* Being nosey, she likes to look out of windows to catch up with everything going on outside.
* Being you with, likes company.
* She likes activities if she is going to be left on her own, toys that can keep her entertained
* Betty loves to a chase string being dragged around.
* Water; loves to drink lots of it. Likes to be out in the rain. Has attempted to get in the shower before now – seems to love running water. She alsolikes to drink water out of tall glasses;
* Comes running if she hears a bag of treats being shaken (handy if you want her to come in – well when she’s ready). Her current favourites are Felix Crispies and Felix Goody Bags.
* Needs a little bit of time to adjust to her new surrounds, give her the time and she will reward you.

Betty came in because she was abandoned after her owner went to prison, she had been living rough for few weeks, she’s in good health though! What we didn’t know is that she was from the same home as Nacho who we took in a while ago and has since found a home. She is already neutered, we have micro-chipped her and she’s started vaccinations. She is a very friendly girl and is absolutely beautiful, that face says it all!

RSPCA Log PC148 13.3.15

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.