Big Bertha – Rabbit


1 year old
Large cross breed
Arrived 2nd June 2016
Private boarding Rode Heath


bigbertha-110616 (1) bigbertha-110616 (2)

Beautiful Big Bertha!  Full of confidence and personality, very self-assured!  She loves her food and is very nosey indeed. The carer of our rabbits in private boarding rescued this bun from an awful situation, offered free to a good home via one of the notorious websites that’s allow trade in animals, a few words from Amanda:  “I shouldn’t have gone for her, but I just couldn’t leave her. The photo of her was horrific-in a dark shed in a tiny box. She could barely turn around. She just wasn’t wanted.” She has looked after Bertha until our branch had the space to take her to rehome her. Please note: We are on a tight budget as we can only afford six rabbits in boarding which is very difficult to adhere to as there are so many unwanted and neglected rabbits but we do what we can within our financial means and that’s even with special rates and freebies from Amanda who we pay board to-between us we help as many rabbits as we possibly can! Amanda paid for Bertha to be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Housing requirement is a ‘minimum’ sized 6x2x2ft hutch and ideally an ‘attached’ 6x4ft run. Please do not buy until you have checked that housing you are interested in meets the RSPCA’s requirements.


RSPCA log no. PR72 2/6/16

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.