Binky – Cat

Long Haired Grey Tabby
3 years old
Arrived 15th June
Private boarding cattery, Rode Heath

Binky was originally named Louisa when she came into our care last year. She came from a home of another 20 cats so is very sociable. She was adopted last year but came back as the resident cat did not accept such a playful interactive Binky! This was causing issues between the cats, alongside this Binky was exhibiting hormonal symptoms. The vets advised to test for an ovary (perhaps a full neuter wasn’t done) but the owner asked us to take Binky back as she was struggling. Binky will have the test shortly and if an ovary is found it will be removed which will resolve the problem. Binky is very affectionate, but can be scared of hands, she loves to chase ribbons and enjoys noisy toys, she’s a playful young kitty who needs someone around a lot of the time to give her the company and attention she needs.

If you’d be interested in giving Binky a loving home, please contact our Cat Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 01625 669620

Log no.  676 15/8/17