Boris – Cat


3yrs 2 months
Arrived 24th July
Fostered in New Mills

boris-100816 (2) boris-100816 (1)

Boris is a confident, affectionate, cheeky and lovely lad! A few words from his fosterer:
Am mad about him already! Yes Boris is fab!
He is very friendly and confident and large powerful cat and he is gorgeous! Can understand why Boris got fat. He is very lazy and doesn’t play with the toys really. Boris enjoys eating and sleeping in his bed! Did show a bit of interest in a laser pen but not for long. Loves being brushed and combed and sitting on you.
Boris was removed from flat with his brother as the owner was in prison, no arrangements had been made for their care so they were just abandoned, this was back in January, there was a pending case against the owner but they were signed over in March for rehoming. Boris has been neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated, he does have a heart murmur which is a common in cats but we hope this will improve now he’s lost weight and becomes more active! Boris has been transferred from Warrington RSPCA as they are struggling to rehome him. So come on please pick up that phone and make him yours!


RSPCA Log 202 23/1/16

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