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Our animals who’ve found their forever homes

Robyn – German Shepherd

Robyn Female German Shepherd 9 years old Arrived 5th February Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre. This old lady is just heart meltingly beautiful! Robyn has come from the same home as Mary. She had spent a couple of months in emergency boarding kennels after her owner died. There were 9 German […]

Mary – German Shepherd

Mary German Shepherd Female 8 years old Arrived 21st February Fostered in Sandbach News from beautiful Mary’s fosterer: “Mary is a sweet and sensitive girl. She does not act her age in the slightest and we would urge you to look past that. She just wants to play with her […]

Gizmo – Cat

Gizmo 2 years Dark Tortie DSH Female Arrived 19th February Private boarding, Rode Heath Gizmo is one lucky feline to say the least. She and another cat managed to escape from a house fire through a window but tragically their elderly canine friend did not make it. Terrible situation for […]

Poppy, Bubbles, Kitty and Roonie – Cats

15 year old Mother Poppy (Tortie/white) 13 year old sons Bubbles (black/white long haired), Kitty (black/white short haired), Roonie (Ginger) Arrived 9th January Private boarding cattery, Rode Heath We know it’s a mean feat trying to rehome these oldies but we’ll give it everything we’ve got! Mum and her boys […]

Ollie – Cross breed

Ollie 9 1/2 years old Male Cross breed Arrived 17th January Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre Ollie is such a friendly dog and loves everyone he meets. He really enjoys lots of fuss and attention – he will make a wonderful companion as he is such great company and fun to […]

Poppy & Socks – Cats

Poppy & Socks DSH 1 1/2 years old Female Arrived 11th January Private boarding in Rode Heath Every year around Chrismats and New Year the RSPCA sees an increase in pets being dumped or abandoned. This pair were dumped in a cat carrier but luckily found. They are micro chipped […]

Eddie – Cat

Eddie (Edina) Female 2 years old DSH Arrived 2nd January Private boarding cattery, Rode Heath This gorgeous girl was originally adopted early 2017 but since the arrival of a baby Eddie has become extremely distressed, her owners tried everything they could to try and alleviate it to no avail. When […]

Stella – Jack Russell cross

Stella Jack Russell cross Female 5 1/2  years old Arrived 3rd December Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre What can we say about Stella…EARS?! Yes the first thing you notice are those ears! She is absolutely adorable. It’s very hard to believe that someone would beat her. Then the owner went missing […]

Smudge, Totty, Tim and Trev – Kittens

Smudge, (rehomed) Totty (rehomed), Tim (rehomed) and Trev Mum 4 years. Kittens 8 weeks old (as of December) DSH Arrived 10th October Private boarding, Rode Heath Smudge and her kittens were found in an outhouse by a member of public, turns out the owner had gone on holiday, so she […]

Willow – Crossbreed Rabbit

Willow Crossbreed Male Arrived 24th July 1 year 5 months old Fostered in Chapel en le Frith. Willow’s story: A lady phoned the branch asking for us to rehome Willow and his brother Mischief, she acquired them for free and had them just two days saying she didn’t want them […]

Jess -Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Jess SBT Female 7 years 11 months Arrived 28th November Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre The RSPCA just loves Staffies, and it’s really no surprise as to why, loyal, easy to train, eager to please, they look hard on the outside (according to some people!) but are soft and gooey on […]

Rico – Ridgeback cross

Rico 3 years 7 months Ridgeback cross Male Arrived 28th November Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre Poor Rico has had a miserable time of it, he was kept in a very small flat and not walked, he had sores and scabs on neck and back from what we don’t know. So […]

Ping & Pong – Cats

Ping & Pong Male DSH Approx 3 months upon arrival Arrived 21st September Private boarding Rode Heath Two very lovely boys who were abandoned outside in the cold and came in from a member of public who found them as young kittens under a tree. They need to go as […]

Horace – Cat

Horace Male Black and White DSH 6 years old Arrived 7th September Fostered in Macclesfield Horace was found and handed in to a vets who passed him on to RSPCA, He was already microchipped but his previous owner was contacted and she said he disappeared 2 years ago and she […]

Maddy – Terrier Mix

Maddy Female Terrier mix 3 1/2 years old Arrived 29th October Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre Maddy’s owner contacted the RSPCA for assistance as she could not afford to get Maddy to the vets after one of the other dogs attacked her over food, she was struggling to manage. Maddy is […]

Boo, Casper, Pumpkin – Rabbits

Black one is Boo (REHOMED) Lighter one is Casper Darker one is Pumpkin Under 1 year old Male Arrived 21st October Private boarding, Rode Heath It beggars belief that nine rabbits survived after being crammed into a box and discarded like trash in the middle of a forest. Just look […]

Dizzy – Cat

Dizzy – Cat Female Domestic Medium Hair Brown Tabby 21 months old on arrival (estimated) Arrived 7th October 2018 Fostered in Bollington Fending for herself in the foothills of the Peak District, Dizzy came to our attention when a concerned member of the public reported her to us as a feral cat […]

Rocky – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Rocky SBT Male 5 years old Arrived 2nd October Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre As Rocky Balboa once said “Now if you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth!” That is just what Rocky will do…find a loving home worthy of him! Rocky has come into […]

Nellie – Kitten

Nellie Female Domestic Short Hair 5 months old approx Arrived 2nd Oct 2018 Private boarding in Rode Heath Nellie was found as a stray and brought into our care for rehoming, sadly after no one came forward for her. She’s a lovely, young and confident kitten who would suit most […]

Nina – Cat

Nina Female Domestic Short Hair 8 years old approx Arrived 4th October 2018 Private boarding in Rode Heath Nina is such a beautiful little soul. Unfortunately she was not treated the way she deserved and was part of a neglect case. She was riddled with fleas and clearly not being […]