Charlie – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
2 years 4 months
Arrived 9th January
Chesterfield Animal Centre

Update 14th Feb:

He’s friendly and affectionate but just very giddy and excitable, in some ways like an overgrown puppy. Because of his boisterous nature, we’ve placed him with older children (10+). He is strong on the lead and needs a harness for walks. He is very playful and enjoys trying to shred his toys. He can be a bit selective with other dogs and finds loud dogs a little scary and a small animal free home is ideal. He may be ok to live with another dog if they are calm and tolerant of his type of play and liveliness.

Charlie has come into RSPCA care as his owner has mental health issues and has been long term hospitalised
Charlie was rehomed by his original owner previously so he’s not had a good start in his young life, hopefully through the RSPCA he will find a home for life!
Young, lively, boisterous and full of fun he’ll make a really good active companion to a family with older kids who’ll play lots with him or an active person/couple.
More information can be provided via Chesterfield RSPCA.