Chloe – Small Cross breed

3 years old
Small Cross breed
Arrived 19th March
Private boarding kennels Cheshire


Chloe was found on an allotment with other dogs and rabbits after a complaint was made about a collapsed horse which had to be euthanised.She has spent three months at a ‘case’ centre while evidence was collected for prosecution, she is now signed over and ready for rehoming so has been transferred to our branch. Chloe has been used for breeding, living in filthy conditions, neglected and likely also beaten, she is extremely nervous of women, although this is improving gradually. Chloe is a very nervous dog, but despite being fearful we have never been concerned she would bite, she uses avoidance behaviours and retreats. She bonds better with males, and would be suited to a child free home, with a single male, same sex male couple or a couple where the female is willing to give her plenty of space and allow the male to be the main handler and care giver. She’s very food motivated which helps win her round a bit. Chloe has been walked with dogs and is fine. She’ll need a patient, understanding and knowledgeable owner and everything must be on her terms in order to bring out her confidence. She enjoys a walk but can be very jumpy and sometimes will cower and turn back so will benefit from little walks to the same quiet areas so she gets comfortable. We don’t usually use slip leads but for ease of getting her in and out of the kennel so as not to stress her out fiddling with her collar or putting a harness on; as this will worry her, we are all new to her-she doesn’t trust us fully yet. She is fully vaccinated and micro chipped, however she did have a season so cannot be spayed till end of April which is mandatory and we will assist with the cost. The staff at the centre say she’s been a pleasure to know and work with. We think she is a sweetheart, very gentle, and deserves a normal loving home and a happy life.


RSPCA  log 1134/12/12/17

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