Spice – American Guinea Pig

3 years old
Arrived 3rd August
Fostered in Congleton

Update 10th September: Sadly Cinnamon was put to sleep at the vets today after becoming very ill and the vet advised it was best to let her go after receiving treatment. So Spice is now looking for a home with a single female/group/neutered male to bond with.

Cinnamon and Spice were signed over by their owner after they asked us to take in their rabbit that had no quality of life, the owner was very poorly and needed help, upon arriving at the property we learnt about the piggies, they had been kept in a 2 1/2 ft cage their entire lives, therefore they too had no quality of life, the owner agreed to let us take them too.

Because of their timid natures they will not be suitable for children sadly so a quiet adult and pet free home only. They’ve never been handled until now and have never been out of their cage, till now. They have been health checked; they’ve lacked any form of exercise so need to tone up a bit and their claws were very overgrown and curled under. They are indoor Piggies so cannot be kept outside but in good weather it would be nice for them to experience grass and the outdoors from time to time, so a nice secure area outside would be a treat! So here’s to their new found freedom! They will require a minimum 5ft x 2ft cage or bespoke accommodation with a play area attached with plenty of enrichment. Housing requirements and ideas can be found here:

For information on Guinea Pig welfare and needs please click here

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.

Log no. PG16 3/8/18