Cooper – Mastiff

9 months old
Arrived 13th Feb
Private kennels Macclesfield

cooper-18027 (1) cooper-18027 (2) cooper-18027 (3)

Cooper came in via an Inspector, he was living with another dog who went to another branch. A complaint was made over the dogs being kept in crates for too long. Apparently the owners couldn’t cope, what with having a 2 year old baby, heavily pregnant and living in a small flat. So they signed the dogs over to the RSPCA. They’d only had the other dog a matter of days from a dogs home.

In spite of this Cooper is one BIG love bug, he is ever so friendly, he just wants to greet everyone he sees and loves to greet other dogs and tries to get them to play. He needs someone who is around most of the time due to his age, he can live with another dog as long as it’s playful and energetic to match Cooper’s bouncy personality! You will need to be able to walk him well as he is very strong, we use a harness (we do not recommend a halti) which really helps as opposed to just a collar. He can be hand shy but hopefully over time that’ll ease off. Cooper will be neutered in due course, he’ll also have his eyelids operated on as unfortunately he has Entropion, diagnosed by our vet during his health check, it means the eyelids roll inwards therefore the eyelashes constantly rub against the eyeball. This is a common condition in breeds that have heavy brows/wrinkly faces. The owner said he often had a sore eye and would bath it, so it seems he’s had this condition for a while and never had it checked out. Cooper will appeal to those who have a love of large breeds, he is a big puppy so could be a handful but in a good way and he’s still growing, he is just SUPER!

RSPCA  log 1314 21/1/17

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