Dexter & Dougal – Peruvian Guinea Pigs

** REHOMED ** Dexter & Dougal
Peruvian Guinea Pigs
Approx 1 year old
Arrived 9th May
Fostered in Congleton


10th July update: Sadly Dexter was put to sleep after  being very poorly, despite the best veterinary and foster care he was not responding. So that leaves Dougal looking for a home with a female or neutered male and/or group.

Why would anyone dispose of these furry beings in a box in the middle of the country side for them not to be be found? How could you?! Thank God a lady walking her dogs came across the box and opened it up to find two terrified piggies in a pretty bad state. Being a piggy owner herself she took them home to bath and trim off all the matted fur. She then took them to the vets and that’s when a previous adopter alerted Amanda who boards our rabbits who then alerted us. Got straight on the phone and got them ‘home’ with us, safe and sound. They are due to be neutered and have been health checked.

It’s taken three weeks for them to just start to be normal piggies, they were so wild and terrified, they would run away as soon as they heard a voice. They now don’t always run and hide and can now be picked up. Their fosterer Mum has been patient and worked her magic! Because of their timidity (they still have a way to go) they will not be suitable for children sadly so a quiet adult home only. We can only think they have been kept in really poor conditions in a small cage or hutch and never handled or given the time of day. They can now live life to the full!

Housing requirements and ideas for indoors and out:

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.


PG15 9/5/18