Dolly – Cat

Black DSH
2 yrs old approx.
Arrived 17th October
Fostered in Macclesfield
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Foster update 31st May
 I have had Dolly 6 weeks now and since she had her Dental Operation she has become a totally different cat, she loves her sleep in her bed in front of the radiator (well who doesn’t like a warm bed!), she is still a little jittery with sudden movements or very loud noises but she does come to you for a fuss and loves lots of tickles and head rubs, she is talking more as well although it is more a squeak than a meow which is adorable, she is a lovely gentle girl. Dolly wakes up more in an evening and plays with her toys and runs through her cat tunnel and bats her mouse toys and balls around. She likes to be brushed now which is great. I think she will make a great addition to a quiet home with someone who can give her the time to settle in her own time. She is a lovely character and is a very pretty girl.
Dolly had to have a dental which resulted in four teeth being extracted, one of which had a hole and would’ve been very painful. We knew that this was the main reason for her behaviour.
Foster update 17 May:
I cannot get over the change in Dolly she is so happy with her
teeth out seems to have given her loads of energy she is playing more and
running around which is great news as John the vet said she needed to lose
some weight!! LOL I have gradually been moving her bed slowly from behind
the sofa and last night she actually went and slept on the armchair whilst I
was on the sofa massive improvement since I have had her. She does run
behind sofa when you move around but will come out again after a little

April update: Dolly has been moved to a pet free foster home where we hope she can relax, flourish and gain confidence as she is still a nervous cat, we dread to imagine what this poor girl has gone through to lack such trust in humans.

Dolly was found abandoned in a cardboard box. She has been neutered and micro-chipped and will finish her vaccination course shortly. She will need an experienced cat owner as she is very shy indeed, clearly she has been treated very badly and needs time to learn to trust. Due to her wariness she is hard to take photos of but watch this space!

Log no. 852 10/10/14

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