Ellis- Saffordshire Bull Terrier

2 ½-3 years
Arrived 23rd June
Private boarding kennels Macclesfield


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If only we can find a word that’s bigger and better than CUTE because Ellis really is much more than CUTE! He’s taken our breath away as he’s absolutely adorable no doubt about it; gentle, friendly, waggy, kissy, walks well on the lead (uses a harness), he has lived with a cat and has completely ignored the free range hens at the kennels. Ellis and his pal Thor were living in squalid conditions, faeces covering the house and garden, mainly kept in the house and not exercised; unfortunately, as a consequence of this and the fact they were both entire they had a fight just before being signed over. For this reason, they are being rehomed separately. They do kiss each other and wag their tails in the kennels, so very sad. Ellis’ wounds are healing nicely after treatment was provided by the Branch. He has met several dogs when out and has been fine. When he meets people he almost does a back flip he’s that happy and excited, his back end wags so much he’s almost flipped over! Ellis has been neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated. Ellis really is special, he ticks all the boxes for most people so will make an amazing companion, but what comes with this is the fact he has Distichia on both eyes The vet has advised there is no operation that can resolve this due to lack of margin on the lids. More information will be provided upon application.


Log No. 1787 9/5/16
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