Gizmo – Cat

2 years
Dark Tortie DSH
Arrived 19th February
Private boarding, Rode Heath

Gizmo is one lucky feline to say the least. She and another cat managed to escape from a house fire through a window but tragically their elderly canine friend did not make it. Terrible situation for all concerned. Unfortunately the other cat had to be put to sleep over health issues. Despite all this Gizmo is a very friendly girl, she is just wonderful and everyone falls in love with her. Gizmo is very keen to interact with people and loves to play chase. She gets very into her chase games and loves anything with a feather. She will also run after toys you throw for her. At the same time Gizmo will sit and have cuddles and loves having her chin rubbed too. Upon arrival the cats had very bad flea infestations, fur loss and sore skin as a result. Gizmo’s fur has improved but she just looks a bit scruffy at the moment. It’s imperative she (as all animals should be) is kept up to date with preventative flea treatments. Gizmo has been transferred from a case centre while the fire incident was being dealt and she has now been signed over for rehoming and is now with us to find that fun loving home she so desires!

If you’d be interested in giving Gizmo a loving home, please contact our Cat Rehoming Co-ordinator on or leave a message on 01625 669620

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