Harvey – Shar Pei

Shar Pei
2 years old
Arrived 22nd May
Chesterfield RSPCA Animal Centre

It’s all happening Harvey, we are about to find you a fantastic new home! Harvey is such a handsome fella we are sure he’ll not be with us long. He came in via Inspectors as he was being left on his own for very long periods and was very thin, not being cared for properly at all.

He is a lovely dog and will need an owner who ideally has experience of the breed, but who can also manage his nervous nature as he can easily become worried. Once he gets to know people and feels comfortable he is such a wonderful boy. He is very food motivated so this will help with training and/or making him feel less worried in unfamiliar situations. We have placed him with an adult only home, he is a great mixer with other dogs, so could potentially go with another dog and will need further observations with cats at this stage. Anyone who knows the breed will know they are quite an aloof sort, very one on one with people, they bond extremely strongly and are totally loyal. Often a misunderstood breed just because they have the common sense to suss you out before they give you their all. The Shar Pei is an amazing breed of dog and once you’ve owned one you won’t look back! He has been neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated. He is due a vet visit to investigate a slight problem with one of his legs so fingers crossed it’s something and nothing!

More information can be provided via Chesterfield RSPCA. http://www.chesterfield-rspca.org.uk/contact/

Log no. 461 21/5/18