Jackie – Parsons Russell Terrier

Parsons Russell Terrier
4 years approx
Arrived 5th August
Fostered in Trentham, Stoke en Trent
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Update 22nd Dec: Jackie went in to her foster home on the 20th Dec, even though it’s only been a couple of days she has settled in so well! We weren’t getting much interest and Jackie was so stressed in the kennels, getting sore paws and sores on her legs from being to hyper and knocking herself as a result. We will learn more about her in the home but so far she’s been clean and doing very well.



Jackie came into Birmingham RSPCA animal centre along with her 7 puppies who were just a few days old, we were asked if we could take them in due to lack of space as various animals were removed from a multi animal household where they were all kept in cages and terrible conditions. Jackie has reared her pups beautifully and now she is ready to be adopted. She has been vaccinated incl kennel cough,, micro chipped and spayed. She did have ear mites but this has cleared up after treatment.


What can we say about Jackie? Nothing but good things spring to mind! Affectionate and sweet when she gets to know you, playful, active (she can never stay still!), full of life and fun! She cannot be rehomed with cats and small animals; she’d suit a home without young children (teens +) and other dogs. She is good in the car, good at the vets and loves her walks of course, yes she pulls but then once in a home environment she’ll soon calm down with regular walks, home comforts and play! She is actually pretty good with dogs although she does come across the one she takes a dislike to but she’s not overly aggressive and easily walks away with you.  She is so inquisitive she just has to greet new dogs, it’s imperative she’s allowed so she doesn’t lose the socialisation we’ve worked on with her. She’s definitely one for those terrier fans out there! She’s a fantastic little dog who really does need to someone to give her a chance as kennel life is taking it’s toll on her.


Log No. 2226/30/07/15
If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.