Jess -Staffordshire Bull Terrier

7 years 11 months
Arrived 28th November
Chesterfield RSPCA animal centre

The RSPCA just loves Staffies, and it’s really no surprise as to why, loyal, easy to train, eager to please, they look hard on the outside (according to some people!) but are soft and gooey on the inside! Jess is a really nice dog who is very good with people and has been around young children. We have placed her to live with children 5+. She is ok seeing other dogs being walked around the centre but doesn’t enjoy close contact so would need to be rehomed as an only dog. She’s found herself in kennels due to an irresponsible owner who didn’t abide by the law and was taken away leaving poor Jess behind. We don’t know if she has lived with other animals but we think she would be best placed as an only pet. She walks well on a harness, loves playing with toys and running around and enjoys lots of fuss and attention! If you are interested please visit or contact the centre

Log No. 00009489