Kimble – Manchester Terrier Cross

Manchester Terrier Cross
Arrived 28th March
Chesterfield Animal Centre

Kimble has been with Warrington RSPCA case centre since Feb 2017, badger baiting case, owners have now been prosecuted so he is now the responsibility of our branch but under the care of Chesterfield RSPCA for rehoming. Previously had very mild inflammation of the pinnae but all is resolved now. Kimble was a very excitable boy when he first arrived with us at Warrington and clearly had no socialisation skills. He chased white vans and cyclist. He now is very obedient and doesn’t chase white vans and we are still working on the cyclist. We have worked really hard on the ‘watch command’ with him and he has a great understanding of it. He is good with other dogs when on group walks. Overall his behaviour has improved massively and is a very loving dog. A small animal/cat free home is ideal.

More information can be provided via Chesterfield RSPCA.

Log no. 513/07/02/17