Lola – Rottweiler

2 1/2 years
Arrived 14th March
Chesterfield Animal Centre

Lovely Lola really does need a chance of a good loving home. The victim of beatings she understably can be a bit timid and nervous with new people but once she gets to know them she is very friendly and loves lots of fuss and attention. She has some good basic commands, such as sit and give paw, and will do anything for treats!! She does pull on the lead so would need a capable handler and is best walked on a harness. She enjoys playing fetch and chasing after balls. She would potentially benefit from some work on socialisation around dogs with her new owners. We have no history on her around cats.

Lola arrived at one of the case centres September 2017 and the case against the owner has been concluded. She is now the responsibility of our branch but under the care of Chesterfield RSPCA for rehoming. Lola is a very loving dog and is likely to develop a strong bond with you as she did with several of the staff who took care of her. She does have tendencies to guard around food, so she is told to sit and once she starts eating we leave her in peace. She is wary of her back end and legs being touched until she gets to know you (a result of the beating). Generally loves attention and cuddles and friendly with people. We would recommend a child free home simply due to the possibility of an issue arising with her food. More information can be provided via Chesterfield RSPCA.

Log no. 131 29/8/17