Lola – Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
1 year 8 months.
Arrived 22nd May
Chesterfield Animal Centre

Lovely Lola. Just look at those ears, she could fly! She is a lovely, fussy girl who is very friendly. She can easily become excitable (she’s still a puppy really!) and lively so will need an owner who can give her the basic training she requires. Lola is ideally looking for a pet and child free home where she’ll get much needed undivided attention! She came into our care via inspectors as the previous owner was not feeding the three dogs properly, which in turn caused scraps to break out, the owner did not seek veterinary treatment for unjuries either. Thankfully Lola is now away from that horrid environment and enjoying life, but a new life in a fab loving new home is her wish! For more information please call the animal centre on 01246 273358.

971 16/3/18