Lucky (now Cole) – happy Ending

4 months approx (as of end October)
Arrived 28th August
Fostered in Macclesfield
Lucky’s story: A feral kitten that our TNR officer (Trap Neuter Release of ferals) trapped (his siblings had disappeared sadly so we weren’t able to help them) it was decided to keep him rather than release back to the streets due to his age of 7-8 weeks. Mike and his family worked hard for few weeks getting him used to people while being kept in the barn, he was very feral indeed! Then he was moved in with one of our fosterers who has also worked hard on the next stage of getting Lucky domesticated

Lucky (now Cole) in his new home!


cole-he (3) cole-he (5) cole-he (1) cole-he (2)

We are thrilled at how well he is doing.The collar has stayed on though I am not sure how long that will last. It is not bothering him though. Cole and Max are funny. They play fight and chase each other up and down stairs. They sound like elephants ! I would love to take a picture of them but they are too fast.I will let you know how he does with the cat flap when we let him out. He watched Max through it today but then "puffed" when Max's face appeared. It was so funny. Especially as he tail is bigger than him when "puffed".He also did he first meow for food which was so cute.As you can tell already he will be well photographed.



RSPCA Log PC152 28/8/15