Maggie – Rabbit

Location: Private boarding facility, Cheshire

Poor Maggie. Maggie came ‘onto our radar’ a few months ago when she was given away free on a Facebook selling page with two other rabbits.
She was then found dumped, weeks later – with said other rabbits, in boxes left out with the dustbins! One ended up in our care, Archie who was nursed back to health, neutered and bonded with a friend before going off to his forever home. Maggie and the other female were rehomed to a client of the vets. Unfortunately, Maggie ended up back at the vets (We are both saddened and horrified that these rabbits have been split up – they bond for life and will be heartbroken and very confused as to where the other has disappeared to) and we were asked to take her. She is fat, her diet has clearly been all wrong.
She is a sorry picture. Shes currently being brought back to full health though, and will be spayed and vaccinated asap. Maggie so deserves a happy ever after, minimum housing requirements apply and we will bond with a neutered male. This can be a male already in the home, or one of our boys up for adoption.

If you are interested in Maggie

Email or call 01625 669620
RSPCA log no. PR43 28/1/14