Molly & Polly – Rats

Domestic rats
3-4 months
Arrived 20th April
Fostered in Macclesfield

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Molly & Polly came in with four other rats via an Inspector after she had to rescue 100 rats from just one house, they would just be let out of the cages to roam and of course breed. It has taken 9 months of work for the Inspector to reduce numbers and find spaces for all of them all the while the owner still allowed breeding.
‘Miss Molly’ is a beautiful energetic little girl. She wasn’t well handled when she arrived in fostering but she is learning to play and shows very little fear around humans or loud noises. She’s getting used to be held but especially loves to run around and be a free spirit, she’ll really benefit from lots of free safe space. We’re trying lots and new foods, she loves grapes and dried meal worms which she’ll happily take from your hand. She really is a very sweet little girl and given a little more time she will make the perfect pet. Polly is a shy little girl and requires regular handling. She’s recently had a litter of nine kittens (available for adoption) and has been a wonderful and protective mum but this has limited her time away from the cage. Given the right owner and a little patience she’ll make a lovely pet. She’s very adventurous so plenty of exercise time will be perfect for her and she loves her food (especially grapes). She’s a little on the thin side at present due to feeding her 9 babies so a high protein diet for a little while until she gains weight again is essential.

They will require a sizeable cage with very narrow spaced bars so they cannot escape. Minimum size accommodation is H70 x D48 x W78cm, however, bigger the better so they can climb and explore-we can give advice. Molly and Polly are young enough to gain confidence especially with lots of handling. They have been health checked by our vet. A gorgeous little pair of girls!

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RSPCA log no. 1704 30/08/16

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