Molly – Rottweiler


1 yr 7 months
Arrived 5th February
Private boarding kennels, Cheshire


molly-150216 (1) molly-150216 (3) molly-150216 (2)

Oh my oh my what a gorgeous little thing you are Molly! We are truly smitten!
Molly is quite a small girl and a real softy; she is really rather affectionate and playful. In the past she has lived with another female Rottweiler, she has lived with children too and will make a lovely family pet with or without children, if the latter dog savvy children aged 10+ would be ideal. She could be rehomed with another dog if intros go well but not cats and small animals as she’s a little eager to play chase! She will need a secure garden too. Molly has been neutered and started vaccinations.

Molly has come into our care as she was abandoned with an ex partner after a relationship break up. Her owner never returned for her despite frequent requests over an 8 week period so the lady contacted the RSPCA. We’ve established that Molly was rehomed prior to that by her original owner back in September (as she is still micro chipped to her so we have managed to get plenty of information about Molly). Despite having had two homes (three incl the one where she was left) she is full of the joys of spring!


RSPCA  log 388 27/1/16

If you’re interested in adopting, please read the information here and call 01625 669620 or email us.