Munch and Chomp – Rabbits

Dutch and Semi Lop
1 year approx.
Arrived 27th May
Fostered in Congleton

munchchomp-300516 (1) munchchomp-300516 (2) munchchomp-300516 (3) munchchomp-300516 (4) munchchomp-300516 (5)

These two beauties came in via a vets who had concerns about how they were kept as well as their well being, they have been in private boarding for a couple of months being cared for by our rabbit carer till we had the space to take them in. They will soon be going into a foster home in Macclesfield. A well known national pet store sold a pair of un-neutered females who kept fighting, instead of advising the owner to get them neutered and re-bond they were advised to split them up and to get another un-neutered female. The cycle of course continued. Until a vet nurse intervened! After much time and persuasion the owner did the right thing and signed them over to the vets. Sadly it means that the owner still has a lone female and we just hope she neuters and bonds with a friend as rabbits must never live on their own. The vets paid for their neutering, vaccinations and micro chips. A great bit of team work! So now these rabbits are happy, healthy and will find a more suitable home.

RSPCA log no. PR71 27/5/16

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